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How to give a good relaxing massage on the feet?

Good Relaxing Massage your Feet
Massage your Feet: In order for the massage to be effective it is important that we apply more or less constant pressure when applying it, always be careful not to injure ourselves.Generally, we like to feel pampered, because we like the feeling of well-being and relaxation in our body.

It is at this point that we talk about what could be better for our nights than a good massage. Surely, when it comes to best foot massager, we think of traditional back massage but we forget a very important and sensitive part of our body: our feet.

Why think about the feet?

Undoubtedly, the feet are our sustenance and function as the “shoes” of our building, because in them rests our body weight and are these that give us stability by exerting pressure when walking. In addition, we must take into account that in most of the current professions, there are people who must stand for 8 or more hours.

And not only this, clearly in our daily lives there are strenuous days in which we must walk or go from one place to another and at the end of the day we feel as if all the heat and weariness of those hours fell on one single point: our feet.

What are we Going to do for Massage your Feet

Today we are going to show you how to massage your feet or how you can massage your foot yourself. The goal is to follow the instructions, take notes and when you know what you have to do, start doing it. Ideally, you do it every day when you get home or before bed. You will see how beneficial and relaxing it can be and you will also notice the difference the next day, feeling better and without tiredness in the feet. Keep a check on these feet care tips

Let’s see the instructions…

Step 1:

The first thing to do when you get home or before going to sleep is to introduce your feet or those of the person to whom you give the massage in warm water and let them rest for about 10 minutes. Warm water is essential for the feet to become fresh and not only for it, it also serves to stimulate the person’s feet and also works as a good sedative.

Step 2:

After 10 minutes, you should dry your feet. If you are going to massage someone else, they can go to bed. Put a towel under your feet and tilt your feet toward your position. If the massage is for you, you should sit in a chair where you feel comfortable.

Step 3:

Apply a little oil or cream in your hands, rub the product well between them before using it on the feet.

Step 4:

Start massaging one foot. Be subtle. Start stroking the top of the foot. The right direction will be as follows: go from the fingers to the ankle. Then change: lower to caress the sole of the foot. Your caresses must follow a rule of pressure: go from greater to lesser pressure.

Step 5:

After you have done what was explained in the previous step, what you have to do is start to make movements in the form of a circle with the help of the thumbs of your hands; you do it on the sole of the foot. You go from the instep (top) down and also regulate the pressure of your movements. Ideally, the greater pressure should focus on the harder areas, especially the heel.

Step 6:

Now, you have to hold the foot with one hand, with the other you have to make the foot turn left and right and do it repeatedly in both directions. It is advisable to perform the movement about 4 or 5 times in each direction.

Step 7:

In this step, what you will do is hold the foot with one hand (again) and knead it with the other hand. Again, you must look at the pressure you apply and regulate it.

Step 8:

At this point, we begin to play with the fingertips. Knead your foot with your fingertips. Start from the big toe of your foot to the little finger. In all the fingers apply this direction: you begin in the root of each finger and you apply a very slight pressure until arriving at the tip of the finger. It is important that you use your yolks and that you do it gently.

Step 9:

When you finish caressing all your fingers, massage the top and bottom of the foot a bit.

Step 10:

When you finish the massage, the last step is to remove the oil or cream that you have used.

Step 11:

Clearly, you have already given relaxation to one foot; now, repeat the process in the other. It will work?
If you follow the steps to perform a good massage your feet, you will surely get good results and you will be very relaxed.

Note: The success of massage may also depend on how you regulate the pressure you put into it. Enjoy it!

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