14 Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

14 Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

basic hand embroidery stitches

Hand embroidery is beautiful and relaxing to do, it is much different than machine embroidery. Today much popular embroidery is done using embroidery machines. People can embroider at home using a personal embroidery machine using a single needle. Or there are embroidery machines that use many needles and thread colors at the time. All types of embroidery have its purpose for different projects.

These four stitches are basic hand embroidery stitches:

  1. The chain stitch is a creative stitch that is great for outlines and for framing. This stitch is a series of looped stitches that form a chained pattern.
  2. The Lazy Daisy is a loose or detached loop that looks like a daisy. Once you know this stitch, you can create embroidery flowers for your projects.
  3. The feather stitch is another variation on the chain and is also great for frames and borders. You create the feather stitch by bring the needle up through the upper left-hand side of the fabric and down at the right, creating a loop.
  4. Finally, seed stitches are great filler stitches. They are easy to make by coming through the front of your fabric and making small repetitive stitches over and over again. These are basic building blocks to hand embroidery stitches. As it is easier to understand stitches if you can see them, there are excellent examples on craftsy.com.

Find more stitches in the following infographics:

14 essestial Hand Embroidery Stitches

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