Best Power Tower Workout Routines

Best Power Tower Workout Routines

Best Power Tower Workout Routines

In this article, we will ponder on the best power tower workout routines. This article will also provide you with different types of exercise routines from beginners level to an expert workout routine. We will try to cover every aspect regarding the best power tower workout routines.

As we all know that power towers are the latest and the most convenient way to train at home. It is the latest breakthrough in the field of gym and fitness. You can get a ravishing body on training on power towers with an accurate exercise routine. SO the wait is over, here are some best power tower workout routines from beginners level to an expert level, which you can perform to be in a perfect shape.


The easiest and the most effective exercise routine on power towers for beginners is given as follows. Doing this routine, no matter how much flabby you are you will get into shape in no time. So it goes like this,

  1. Dips = minimum 5 Reps.
  2. Pushups = minimum 10 Reps.
  3. Wide grip pull ups = minimum 5 Reps.
  4. Reverse grip pull ups = minimum 5 Reps.
  5. Hanging knee raises = minimum 10 Reps.
  6. Body weight squats = minimum 10 Reps.

This is how a person with no previous experience with a power tower or any equipment of the gym can easily work out and get into shape without any hustle. This work out routine is also very beneficial for the beginners because the type of exercises which are included in the basic beginner’s routine targets all the muscles of the body. It also focuses on giving the maximum level of stress on the targeted muscles for better results.


It is a step further in the power tower exercise workout routines. It comes after the beginner level becomes easy for you and you want to reach the next level of fitness. This is nearly like the beginner’s routine but it is harder and requires more body effort in it. So it goes like this,

You have to perform 2-3 sets of each for best results.

  1. Dips = minimum 12 Reps.
  2. Push ups = minimum 15 reps
  3. wide grip pull ups = 10 Reps
  4. Reverse grip pull ups = minimum 10 Reps.
  5. Hanging knee raises = minimum 18-20 Reps.
  6. Body weight squats = minimum 12 Reps.

This workout routine will provide you with an extensive amount of muscles trenching and satisfying feel. You should perform at least 2 sets of each exercise.


This power tower exercise routine is especially for the experts. It is an Intense Workout which will fully extract your power and drench your stamina. This is not a part standard, which applies you to work all parts of your body at one time. It is taintless full body training and the best Power tower workout Routine so far. 

You should perform 4-5 sets of each for an extraordinary body shape and muscle development.

  • Dips = minimum 25 Reps.
  • Pushups = minimum 30 reps
  • wide grip pull ups = 20 Reps
  • Reverse grip pull ups = minimum 20 Reps.
  • Hanging knee raises = minimum 30 Reps.
  • Body weight squats = minimum 25 Reps.

I hope this article helps you in every way possible. we have tried to give all the information on best power tower work out routines. I am sure you will love this article.



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