All about Calories and Health – Learning about Calories and Health

Learning about Calories and Health

All about Calories and Health

Why are calories linked to health before weight loss, is what we will see in paras below?

The concept of calories is catching attention at a fast pace, amongst the teens as well as the middle age crowd, the reason somewhere lies in our sedentary lifestyle and our eating habits.But in this war of calories and health, it’s rare that both wins.

As most of the people don’t know facts and while others know half of the facts or seeing others will try to adopt their ways, but each body has a different structure and has to be treated differently.

Calories are important for weight loss but how many of us know the true science? Just what we know is we need to burn the calories that we eat and if we are from the category who shy aways from hardcore exercises, what we know is we need to eat food with limited calories so that they can be burnt easily while doing the routine activities.

But what mistake people often make here is they have food with the pressure of calories and doesn’t understand intake of healthy calories.
If cheese and some veggies will have equal calories, they will choose cheese over the latter and by that they feel they are doing it right as calculation of calories hasn’t changed.

Here what matters is which type of calories has formed part of your diet though the amount will be the same but nutrients? Our body needs them to perform its functions and cheese, and other similar sources are mere empty calories and won’t provide any key element.

Before starting with the calorie diet, one should be aware of all the facts for instance:

How many calories does your body require to lose weight?
What is my body type and which nutrients it needs the most?
How to maintain and stick to the diet plan?
Which foods contain what amount of calories?
Which exercises burns how many calories?

Journaling the above information will make the plan flow smoothly for you and will fetch you results after some efforts obviously; also it won’t cause you the frustration of not getting any results as most of the people quit because of this reason.

The change will be slow but gradually one succeeds only if the method followed is correct or else it would be just waste of efforts.
Research things well and it is always advised to take help from dietitians and doctors as they know the best.

Also one has to see other factors like metabolism as even it has a huge effect on weight reduction. In this process the fats stored in our body gets burns, and this happens when there’s a need for the body to produce some energy, and hence the best way is physical activities which make one sweat out. Also, this will lead to inducing of high oxygen into the body.

There is some food that helps the body to increase the metabolism rate and contributes to weight loss. For example- spicy food, green tea, water, nuts, seeds, etc. Though they may work for a temporary period, it shows the result when practiced with exercises or some sport that one plays.

There’s another important aspect in weight losing which is the positive attitude, love yourself, appreciate yourself, reward oneself when a bit of the goal is achieved, if one thinks to be fit for themselves they succeed faster as health is not a waist-line number it is something beyond it.

Note Calories and Health¬†: Home cooked has fewer calories than the same food from out! Hence it’s better to manage our schedules and take some time out for cooking. As the best project that we will ever have is to work on ourselves

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