Drastic Effects of Unhealthy Food Intake

The Effects of Eating Unhealthy Food

Effects of Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy food patterns adversely affect the physical and mental health of human beings by making them incompetent and dependent on others.

The habit of taking unhealthy diet gradually worsens our health. The healthy diet is very important for spending a proper life. Our body needs supplements in balanced quantity and when this quantity is disrupted, our health gets affected.

We should properly take care of our health by avoiding unhealthy food and adding healthy and well-balanced food plans in our daily routines.   We should avoid unhealthy food patterns because they have drastic effects on overall health.

Drastic effects of unhealthy food intake are discussed in this article.

Unhealthy diet makes people drowsy and fuzzy

People who have adopted unhygienic food patterns remain drowsy and fuzzy all day long. They don’t feel the energy to carry out simple tasks of daily life. Their inefficiency makes them misfit for their professional or educational life. They are laggards because they lack the motivation to excel. They feel lethargic all day long and remain idle.

It leads to fatal diseases

Unhealthy diet leads to fatal diseases. People are unaware of the drastic effects of junk food. Junk food is rich in lead and fats which are detrimental to mental and physical health. Over consumption of alcohol may lead to liver failures and fast foods lead to heart diseases and casual smoking becomes a habit which could lead to lung cancer.

It deteriorates cognitions & mental activities

Normal brain activity requires the proper intake of essential vitamins and supplements. The unhealthy food contains excessive proportions of lead which deteriorates the mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health. Cognitions and behaviors are affected by unhealthy diet.

Personality is also affected by unhealthy food intake leading to antisocial personality disorders and other severe mental disorders. Lead sulfide counter effects the normal brain functioning which might lead to schizophrenia or multiple sclerosis.

Unhealthy food leads to unproductive attitude

When we are healthy, we feel competent and productive beings and struggle hard for achievements. Unhealthy food has the opposite effect on our personality development.

We feel incompetent to achieve our set goals and targets. It is obvious that when people are not healthy enough they lack the essential motivational drive to progress in their lives.

Low self-esteem

According to researchers, various teenagers have committed suicides in the U.S because of their obesity issues. Junk food is the main cause of obesity in youngsters which not only affects their physical appearance but their self-esteem is also affected by their increased weight. They develop feelings of disgust and shame which also affects their personality.

These are the most common drastic effects of unhealthy food intake. We should consult diet experts for proper food plans which are beneficial for our health (mental and physical). We should take care of our diet and regularly check our blood pressure and sugar level.

Regular medical check-ups are also very important to stay updated about our health. Regular exercise along with balanced diet is best for our health and we also feel optimistic and motivated for achieving the set targets and goals.

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This article has been written by Bella Liam, a school teacher. She is an ardent yoga and shares her experiences through articles and motivational speeches at her own site cheap essays help. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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