Health benefits of squash – Weight loss, Body purification and Beauty skin

Health benefits of squash

Health benefits of squashHealth benefits of squash

Squash is a fruit that is popular for all families, it is also a multi-use fruit. It just use to make food and drink, just as you believe in beauty, weight loss … So what is the squash effect?

The main ingredient of squash is water, plenty of fiber, not lipid. Each 100 gram squash has 0.4 gram of protid, 2.4 gram of glucid, 19mg of calcium, 12mg of phosphorus, 0.3 mg of iron, many vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B9, C, E … and minerals such as potassium, Phosphor, magnesium …). This familiar food in this daily diet is very good for health, it has the effect of cooling body and making skin look slim.

In addition, squash is one of the drugs that can cure many diseases such as asthma, pertussis, poisoning, cancer or ulcers. According to traditional medicine, squash is sweet, cooling, purify the body, dissolve phlegm, intestinal cooling, detoxify and prevent fat. It often use to treat respiratory diseases with cough and sputum by diabetes, edema due to kidney disease, liver disease, or edema in pregnancy. So, Finding health benefits of squash is known as “precious medicine” squash.

Three incredible benefits  of squash for human being:

  1. Weight loss, anti-obesity

The first thing to mention is weight reduction effect of squash. Squash use for weight loss mainly because it is able to fill the belly without much energy.

The squash has a lot of water but does not contain fat. In addition, in the squash also includes chemical compounds like hyterin-caperin prevent the sugar convert into fat in the body, so the body do not accumulate fat.

Squash meat has a lot of fiber. This type of fiber is very beneficial for intestinal and digestive tract. Fat content is almost nonexistent, low heat production capacity and it can decrease fat accumulation in the body, so it is the ideal medicine to treat obesity, eating long squash can help you strengthen.

In addition, vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium in the squash also help to beautiful body, abdominal fat. Shell squash also has many vitamins and minerals, so it is possible to eat whole shell, especially the shell of the squash when they are still immature. For people who are obese or want to lose weight, eating squash regularly is really good.

However, many girls use squash that has not cooked yet or squash juice without knowing that this way will damage your digestive tract.

The squash also is very high soap, so some people often use this nature of squash to bleach fabric instead of bleach. Therefore, you should note this fruit, if you eat or drink squash juice to make beauty because it will cause disease in your digestive system.

The squash cooked thoroughly, the nature of the soap almost lost, so you should eat it cooked thoroughly or boiled water squash.

  1. Body purification, detoxification

According to traditional medicine, sweet squash, cool, have the use of body purification, melt phlegm, cooling the intestines and quench thirst, diuretic, detoxify and prevent obesity.

It is not accidental that in some localities, squash use for processing into detoxification tea. Squash tea is not only easy to drink but also helps to cool the body well in the hot sun.

  1. Beauty skin

Not only cure, squash is known as a “cosmetic” of women’s own. It has many uses such as moisturizes the skin, making the skin smooth, bright pink, limit oil, peeling acne bran and blackheads. . In addition, it is suitable for women with acne at puberty and people with rough skin or large paws.

You can also apply the juice on your face or mix the squash juice with cucumber juice or honey applied to your face, about 30 minutes after rinsing with clean water. In the squash has a lot of water and vitamins that are good for the skin, change the skin’s moisture, smooth the skin, dull and dark spots. See home remedies for back acne.

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