How to Get Away With Stress – Tips

How to Get Away With Stress

Stress: The Global Epidemic Everyone’s Struggling With:

Stress is something sweeping the world today like an epidemic, sparing nobody. From corporate professionals to university students, everybody seems to be experiencing some degree of stress. There could be various reasons for stress; lifestyle, work-life imbalance, habits and psychological factors could be potential stressors.

These triggers need to be identified as soon as possible so as to reduce people’s chances of developing serious stress-related issues.

If you are struggling with stress in your daily life, don’t worry there’s help. There are easy ways to relax and get away with stress. Read on to know them.


How to Get Away With Stress-MeditationHow to Get Away With Stress

certainly deserves to be at the top of the list. This ancient practice has different variations, but each technique focuses on calming the mind and helping you get in touch with your true self.

The simple practice of breathing in and breathing out calms your mind and body and relieves stress. Meditation also alters one’s stress responses, making them more conducive and less taxing. You will surely be able to deal with stressful situations better if you practice meditation every day.

Mindfulness Meditation

“Mindfulness” is the buzzword among spiritual gurus and enthusiasts these days. Even science backs the benefits of mindfulness to some extent. This psychological practice of being fully aware of the present moment has been propagated widely by religious and spiritual institutions because it can bring about a huge transformation in one’s life. Being mindful helps you identify stressors and deal with them better.

Whenever you feel stressed, simply take a few deep breaths and become mindful of the present moment. This will help you calm the mind and divert your attention from the stressor.

Start writing a journal

While it may sound crazy to some, writing down your thoughts is a great way to de-stress yourself. You should inculcate a habit of writing a few pages every day. Don’t think much while writing. Just write. Even if it’s the stupidest thought that can come to one. The purpose is to bring it out of your subconscious into your consciousness. Write down your stressors, feelings, and emotions without any judgment. This will help you address them and take necessary actions.



Physical exercise of any kind is good for your overall well-being. Exercise and other physical activity increase the production of endorphins, the brain chemicals that reduce pain, improve sleep, and lowers stress in the process.

Jogging, walking, aerobics, and yoga are few physical activities you can do to lower stress. You can also do some stretching exercises for some few minutes at work. This also lowers stress and refreshes your mind. Exercise is, therefore, something you should definitely include in your daily regimen.

5 Health Benefits of running on the Morning

list of outdoor sports you can still practice

Listen to music

Music is known to have therapeutic benefits, especially when it comes to stress reduction. You may have experienced yourself how calm you feel while listening to a slow, mellow music. Listening to relaxing music has positive effects on the brain as it reduces the release of cortisol and alleviates stress. You can also try different binaural beats, which are sound frequencies designed to rewire neural pathways in the brain. There are ones designed specifically to lower stress and reinforce positive thinking.


Lastly, try to laugh as much as possible. It can really lower stress. There are different ways to laugh; you can call a friend and talk about something funny, watch a comedy TV show or cartoon movie, read a joke book, or simply think about funny moments. Laughing reduces the release of a stress-causing hormone called cortisol and increases the production of endorphins, the “happy” hormones. Laughing lifts your mood and makes you feel happy, which automatically reduces stress.

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