Middle School – Breeding Ground for Kidnappers

Middle School - Breeding Ground for KidnappersMiddle School – Breeding Ground for Kidnappers

A couple of years ago parents were given warnings against putting up the pictures of their children off to their first day of school on the social media to avoid the chances of any potential groomer or kidnapper getting hold of the pictures and then using them to exploit your privacy and perhaps even kidnap your child for monetary gain or even other bizarre scenarios that are too hard for any parent to even contemplate hypothetically.

The thing is elementary school students are under constant surveillance of both the school staff and their parents because they are considered to be the most vulnerable of the lot. On the other hand, high school students carry all sorts of devices with them that can be traced and put under surveillance by the parents and the concerned authorities.

So, if they are in any sort of trouble, they can figure a way out themselves, and if that is not possible they would be able to be located by the local authorities using the devices that put them smack dab in the middle of the grid. That leaves out middle school students, who just happen to be the most vulnerable of the lot.

They are neither young enough to demand 24 care and attention neither is they old enough to enjoy the independence given to high school students.

They are stuck in the middle, neither too young nor too old but a whole lot vulnerable and an easy target for nefarious people which much like sitting ducks in a pond makes them prey to kidnappers and similar people without the knowledge of their parents and others.

This is because they usually are not allowed to carry cellphones with them to school and usually walk home from school, more like demand that they are allowed to walk or bicycle home all by themselves rather than be driven home in the presence of a responsible adult.

Furthermore, these kids are vulnerable to all sorts of external influences and can easily be swayed into doing what their parents and guardians have specifically told them not to do under any circumstances.

What Parents Can Do?

With that being said, there are only a few things that can be done to protect these kids. Yet, if done diligently and in the right way, these kids can be protected in ways that no longer leaves them vulnerable to the advances of kidnappers and similar nefarious people. Such as:

  • Drive Them Around

The best way to keep an eye on your tween and the early teen is by driving them around wherever they would like to go. If they want to go over to their friend’s slumber party – drive them. If they want to go to the mall, do not let them go by themselves and the same goes for driving them to school.

Middle schoolers think that it uncool to be driven to school by an adult but let all their protests go in vain. Their safety matters more than petty vanity and status and for that, if you have to let their reputation suffer a bit then so be it.

  • Carrying Smartphones

Yes, it is true that middle schoolers are not allowed to carry cellphones to school and besides it is too young of an age to have a smartphone anyway.

Yet, with technology advancing at such a big scale it is necessary that your teen a “Outside Home Only” smartphone that they carry with them whenever they leave the relatively safe confines of their home so that their parents can keep a virtual eye on them and know if they are safe at all times of the day.

  • Talk to their Teachers

There are certain school districts that do not allow middle schoolers to carry cell phones with themselves to class or even to school.

As a concerned parent, you have a right to talk to the school principal and concerned authorities about allowing your child to carry their cell phones with them to school on the conditions that they will not use the cellphone in class or at school. They will just carry it with them and the cellphone will stay silently with them on their person or in the locker.

  • Use Spy Applications

Another precautionary measure that parents can take to look out for their children is installing TheOneSpy application on their cell phones. This way, they can keep a digital eye on their wards from anywhere in the world, wherever their little ones may be at any given time.

Since this method of surveillance is quite discreet, neither the child nor the kidnapper may be able to tell where your child is at any given time.

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