How much does Hair Transplant Cost

How much does Hair Transplant Cost

hair transplant cost


A hair transplant helps you to re-creation hair by transplanting the follicles into uncovered. It’s the right way to get your hairs (new) back. This hair transplant surgery is the best for whom who are bald or losing their hairs. Hair Transplant can fulfill your desire for your hair and moves hair follicles to an uncovered donner zone and transplanted to an area. The cost of hair transplant depends on how many grafts you need to transplant or how much area you want to transplant. Check the real cost of hair transplant here. It also depends on the techniques of hair transplant.

There are two different techniques of Hair transplantation 1. Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) 2. Follicular unit transplantation(FUT). Let’s go to know more about FUE and FUT hair transplant.

1. Follicular unit extraction method:

This is the most sensitive technique of hair transplant because in this technique each and every follicular is individually removed from the scalp. FUE hair surgery needs more control which results in damaging effects of grafts during surgery and it can also decrease hair growth. FUE is the latest technique whereas FUT is the older technique of hair transplant surgery. But FUE is the preferred technique due to its high advantages.

Some Advantages of FUE are:

  1.  It leaves no Scar on the translated part.
  2. It’s less nosy surgery.
  3. It can be recover early(Results are super fast).
  4. The procedure of this surgery is less suture.
  5. You will not feel any pain during the sessions.

Follicular unit transplantation method:

Hair Transplant Cost

It stands for the removal of tissue a bit from the back of the head/donor side. In this method, patients may not require shaving their head. But in FUT method, it’s a must for patients to shave their head because every individual follicle took from the scalp. FUT method realized the donor strip from the back. It’s also preferred by the patients because it gives doctor to deliver scalp area with Patients expectation. This surgery can be done in one single session. It doesn’t take much time.

Some Advantages of FUT are:

  1. The methodology is finished in only one sitting.
  2. It’s a totally safe technique and stances simply gentle inconvenience, which can be tended to by fractional anesthesia.
  3. Permanent Result from the Donor side.
  4. You don’t need to shave your head.

What’s the Cost of Hair Transplant?

Well, I wished you know what is hair transplant and it’s techniques. Now, I want to tell you the Cost of hair transplant. It depends on how much area you want to transplant, how many grafts you need, how much bald you are. These factors represent the Cost of hair transplant. It also depends on countries. For ex. US use latest hair transplant procedures. Check here to know more about Cost of Hair Transplant in detail of different countries. Hair transplant price also indicates on which surgeon you are appointing. Normally the reasonable and affordable price of hair transplant is $4,000 to $15,000. Do read reviews before appointing any surgeon.

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