Tips for Living healthy Life With Pressure Washer

Tips for Living healthy Life With Pressure WasherTips for Living healthy Life With Pressure Washer

Employment, health, and safety may seem like a mass of rules and regulations or even one more responsibility in a great list for the pressure washing business owner. Keeping vigilant about health and safety issues can keep you and your staff healthy and keep your business growing and even flowering. Let’s take a look at any of the most prevalent health and safety risks and how to reduce them.

Carbon Monoxide (CO):

You may not immediately think of carbon monoxide as a health and safety hazard in your pressure washing company, but the use of fire engines in pressure washers as well as the presentation, you and your craftsmen face on the job site make CO pressure washer health and safety advantage.

signs of carbon monoxide poisoningUsual maintenance of your machine should ensure that no excessive CO is being emitted, so long as the unit is used in a well-ventilated area. If the pressure washing is being done in an embedded space, be sure to provide respirators.

The same information would assist you well when working in a particularly congested area, such as a city parking garage or other confined space. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur very fast and can be dangerous, so it is better to err on the side of discretion.


Our universe is a noisy place, and we have often come to use it for granted, but prolonged exposure to high decibel sound will have a damaging long term effect on earshot. Another reason to keep all equipment in proper functioning order is to maintain the unit working at a reasonable noise level. At average levels, it is most likely not required to wear ear screen, but while you continue in the ambient noise, it may be desirable for your health and safety.

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Pressurized water:

Pressure washing method will be dealing with water under enormous pressure, and it may seem overly careful to worry about water pressure washer, but it is important. Wearing individual protective equipment all year course reduces the health and safety risk of harm that can be caused by the strong water pressure. Pressure washerify will help you to know more about pressure washer.


While utilizing chemicals in a pressure washing environment, it is imperative to have as much information about their use, health and safety risks, dangers and disposal support as possible. Contractors with a guide to dangerous chemicals that should be in the tool bag of any contractor who is distributing with chemicals.

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Electric Shock:

Most jobbers use gas powered pressure washers, some rely on electrical models even in this continually wet environment. The risk of electric shock is ever being, and everyone should take care to inspect all tools and wiring to decrease the health and safety risk to you and your workers.


While all have heard that it is unfortunate luck to walk under a ladder, you may not know that using a scale can be serious! Ladders should be utilized with great care and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular examination and cleaning of steps can prevent this accidental falls and even death.


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  1. I never knew that pressure washers could be powered by either gas or electricity. Is there a major difference between the two? I would imagine gas would be a little cheaper than the electric one to have maintenance done on.