Water Filters – Essential for a Healthy Home

Water Filters Essential for a Healthy Home

Water filters are a simple and affordable way to improve water quality in the home, and in many places with a poor water supply, water filters or a best water pitcher filter are more than just a luxury.  Clean and pure water is essential to health, and a water filter can ensure there is a source of pure, and clean water in your household. 

Water filters are relatively inexpensive and will not only protect you and your family from potential hazards in the water supply but will improve the smell and taste of your water as well.

Bath and shower water that is filtered will have the added benefit of providing your skin — your body’s largest organ and a natural detoxifier — with a clear alternative to the chemically-laden water that is pumped into your house.

Health Benefits of Using Water Filters

Our health is directly affected by the water we drink. Most city water supplies do an adequate job of eliminating harmful bacteria, however, they do it by adding powerful chemicals to the water which can have an adverse effect on our bodies. Many people now drink bottled water and are aware of the potential health benefits of doing so.

But how many people are aware that hot shower steam can carry dangerous chlorine directly into your lungs? The average city water supply carries a host of chemicals, including chlorine, fluoride, lead, copper, mercury, and cadmium.

A quality water filter can eliminate most of these, as well as filter out bacteria and parasites. With all of these potential threats lurking in our water supplies, it is no wonder that many homeowners have turned to a relatively inexpensive alternative as a solution: the home water filter.

Types of Water Filter

There are several different types of water filters available to homeowners. The most comprehensive of these is known as the Whole House Water Filter. Though it is the most expensive system, it has the advantage of filtering all the water directly at the source of where it enters the house.

This provides the maximum benefit by filtering drinking, cooking and washing water.

Another popular type of water filter is attached directly to the sink, usually in a kitchen, and can be installed directly into the faucet or below the counter in the water line.

Below counter, filters tend to be larger and more efficient than faucet filters, but they require a fair amount of space and may need to be professionally installed.

There is also a water filter for shower heads, which filters the water as it passes through the showerhead, as well as a refrigerator water filter, for refrigerators that are connected to the water supply.

Most of these water filters use some variation of a charcoal filter, which is highly effective at removing metals, chlorine, as well as bacteria, protozoa, and cysts. A less popular home water filter system is the reverse osmosis filter, which is used commercially for the production of bottled water.

However, as a home system, it is more complicated than a simple charcoal filter and can be problematic.

Cost of Water Filters

The cost of a home water filter system can vary greatly depending on the type of filter, and the brand. A whole house water filter is the most expensive option; however, it is also the most cost-effective in that it is filtering your entire water supply.

The least expensive option would be to install a small charcoal filter into the faucet itself. These filters are small, however, and will require more frequent replacement, thus increasing overall cost.

Perhaps the best option is the under-counter water filter system, which has a reasonably sized filter chamber, requiring less maintenance and replacement, as well as being well-priced to start with.

The one drawback to this system is that there must be enough space beneath the sink or in an adjacent cupboard to install the water filter.

A Water Filter in Your Home                                                      

For the health conscious, water filters are a household essential. The health benefits of drinking pure, clean filtered water are excellent, and many city water supplies are either not clean enough or so heavily polluted with chemicals that a filtration system is imperative.

Whole house water filters are the most cost-effective, but the upfront cost is higher. The benefit is that the entire water supply is filtered.

Under-counter filters are the most popular especially aquasana 3-stage under counter Water Filter as they are easily installed and have a large filtering capacity.

For the relatively inexpensive cost, using a water filter in your home is certainly worth the extra benefit to you and your family’s health. So I hope you would use the best water filter at home for healthy living.

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  1. I didn’t know that you could get a whole house water filter before. That is really nice that it will filter all the water for the house at the source of where it enters the house. I have been wondering if should get filters for our sinks, but if there is a whole home option, that would be great. I would love to know all of my water would be filtered and safe for my family.

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